A petit pas
Et moi j't'écoute
Guilty of your sin
La vie d'artiste
Le clown
Les chiens ne font pas de chats
Trés chère docteur
Noël en été
Show biz pop
Mon enfant

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Mon Amérique à Moi - Tome 6
"Tout le monde en prend plein la gueule"

"People, mostly the working class representing the major part Frenchmen trapped, semi-slaved to their jobs, are completely blinded. And the politicians and the diabolical media are delighted.
Michel Poniatowski said : The time has come to deal vigorously with the problem of African and especially Muslim immigration. If this is not the case, France will have two faces: that of the ''dear old country'' spoken of by General de Gaulle and that of the advanced camp of the Third African World.