Mon AMERIQUE A moi (Tome 6) ''Tout le monde en prend plein la gueule''

Author : Mouflin, François-Frédéric

Publisher : Accent Fran-Glais

Published : 07/2016

Number of Pages : 432

Dimensions : 21 x 15 cm

Price : 24€

* Livraison sous 10 jours
From the publisher of " Mon Amérique á moi " François Frédéric Mouflin:

"People, mostly the working class representing the major part Frenchmen trapped, semi-slaved to their jobs, are completely blinded. And the politicians and the diabolical media are delighted. Michel Poniatowski said : The time has come to deal vigorously with the problem of African and especially Muslim immigration. If this is not the case, France will have two faces: that of the ''dear old country'' spoken of by General de Gaulle and that of the advanced camp of the Third African World.