Mon AMERIQUE A moi (Tome 4) ''Ça passe ou ça casse''

Author : Mouflin, François-Frédéric

Publisher : Accent Fran-Glais

Published : 07/2016

Number of Pages : 432

Dimensions : 21 x 15 cm

Price : 24€

* Livraison sous 10 jours
From the publisher of " Mon Amérique á moi " François Frédéric Mouflin:

"Ça passe ou ça casse" is traversed emotions apparently contradictory to Emotion shared between sarcasm and disgust, amusement and despair, irony and rage. "Ahurisme", teasing, exasperating findings, philosophy, poetry, teaching, slings and "Many" metaphors often Franglaises, Anglaisees. English students "be my guess." Anything goes. "Ça passe ou ça casse" is not a book to stigmatize state a truth but to find solutions. Without irony, I added: "though the world should take example." PSS: In Love Damn !